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Bobby Barth Guitar Tracks


If you want an A-plus Melodic Rock or Blues/Southern Rock guitarist, why not go to someone who helped define the genre.

Bobby Barth will be accepting songs or CD projects to keep him busy in his retirement. He'll be opening his studio 3 days a week.

Available for Cigarbox Guitar Blues Slide, All Slide Tunings, Straight Slide Tuning, Acoustic/Dobro and electric, all keys welcome. Bone Crunching Rock and Roll. Lead and Rhythm, clean, baby dirty, dirty or Holy Crap Heavy. Strat or Gibson scales available.

And, since he is playing as a musician for hire, you can use his name as a guest on your record at no additional charge. So if you want to kick your Demos or CDs up a notch, contact Bobby at bobby@bobbybarth.com to discuss your needs.

For a partial list of credits visit his Experience/Discography page.


A Note from Bobby:

Had quite a few folks ask me about the new "Barth Guitar Tracks" that I announced the other day. So I will just answer the questions:

1. No, I am not planning to leave the road forever, if I find the right project and the economy picks up, so that I can afford to go out, I will. I have not ruled out an Axe Tour, but the grass is going to have to get a lot greener to put the band back together.

2. Why am I offering to do guitar parts for people I don't know? I have owned a studio since 1986, first in L.A. with Andy Parker, then in Denver, now in New Orleans. I have a huge collection of Guitar stuff, wired into the aforementioned Studio, therefore no setup time. Magic.

Everyone has a buddy with a studio or they own a ProTools or other computer recording setup and they play guitar...So why use me? Not every one of those friends actually knows what they are doing. I, on the other hand have been playing guitar for 50 years, 45 of that on the road. Which means I have a reputation. Some people admire my reputation others think I stink. I will leave that debate to all of the guys that have never done it and just bitch about the way other people do. If I play on your tracks, my name can be used on the CD or demo, hence, the reputation part of the essay.

The part of the Axe catalog I own, has a good home with the release of Axeology, the live DVD is out. So those who cared to see the band can now do so, without me traveling all over the world. Basically, I have nothing to prove. If hired, I will do what I do, from Cigarbox guitar to bone-crunching leads, but mostly, I'm that guy who plays melodically, proud of my slide playing.

All of this stuff can be heard by searching "Bobby Barth Axe" / "Bobby Barth" or "Bobby Barth Blackfoot" into YouTube. Better yet buy the Axeology set or the DVD AXE Live 2012. I write songs, if you want me to be honest, I will give you an honest assessment of your songs. If you don't want my opinion, I won't offer it.

3. No I don't plan to produce any more records. I have produced many and each one takes a slab of hide off of me. But the most compelling reason is that I am physically unable to hand out the ass whippings that most bands deserve. At one time I felt confident in my ability to make someone eat my tennis shoe, now I am unable to accomplish this without the aid of a baseball bat. Use of that leadership tool could cause harm to the musicians, resulting in me having to play the parts myself. I am not a good bass player nor am I a good keyboard player, so I would have to spare those musicians the beating they would probably deserve; they are, after all, bass players and keyboard players. I rest my case. This in my heart I know isn't fair to their parents, who paid for the lessons, so the only true solution is to no longer produce.

Thus, I will only be producing if there is an insane amount of money, a number that record labels today would have trouble counting up to. Let’s say, more than 500 dollars.

I hope I have sold you on using my unique service and my talents.

Gear (photos)


  • Custom Serenghetti 6 string with Kahler lockable tremolo. Dimarzio PAF and Super D pickups
  • Dean USA Soltero fixed bridge with Classic pickups wired like a Dean Classic Caddi
  • Hand built Strat with Jerry Amalfitano Pickups
  • Gibson Blues Hawk with Dimarzio Pickups
  • Hamer Flying V with Floyd Rose Trem And Dimarzio pick ups
  • 2 PRS Santana Models, one free floating Trem, one locked, both with Dimarzio PAF and Super D's
  • Dean deceiver with Floyd Rose Trem Dean wired PU's
  • 4 special Dean Evo's for slide, special but and strings depending on tuning.
  • Dean Solid Chrome Dobro set for slide
  • Old Takemine classical nylon string with parametric EQ
  • Takemine 50th anniversary dreadnought with Dimarzio active pick up
  • I Epiphone Les Paul Jr set for 3 string Slide
  • Genuine Cigar box guitar guitar with 3 strings and Dimarzio PU.
  • All strings are Curt Mangan Strings


Studio/Recording Equipment:

  • Protools 9-based digital recording, mixing and Mastering studio
  • custom Protools built i7 quad core
  • Wave
  • Steven Slate
  • FG-X
  • Trigger Platinum
  • VCC. Drumagog / large drum library
  • Komplete 7, Strike and other assorted specialty plug ins including Antares products
  • Eleven Rack
  • Fractal Audio Axe FX 2 with controller
  • Alesis M1Active Speakers
  • pre plastic Genelec 1030a Speakers
  • QSC K-12's (for hair removal)
  • assorted Mics and Preamps
  • 18 inputs mono or stereo inputs
  • 128 track outputs.

Although not open to the public, access to the studio can be arranged under certain circumstances.