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Guitarist and Singer for Axe (Atlantic, Atco, MCA, Zero Corp, MTM Europe)
Former Guitarist for Blackfoot (Atco, Atlantic, Virgin).
Former Music Director and Guitarist for Angry Anderson (Rose Tattoo), (Atlantic, Mushroom)


Has Written Over 110 Songs That Have Had World Wide Release.
First Chart Single In U.S.A. 1977
First Chart Album In U.S.A. 1978
Last Chart Album In Japan 1999

Wrote and recorded “Rock and Roll Party in the Streets” in 1981
Billboard #63rd Most Played Record of 1982 (year end list)
Billboard Magazine’s top 75 albums of 1982
Charted in U.S.A. with “Never In My Life”, “Now Or Never”, ‘Hang On Forever”,” I Think You’ll Remember Tonight”, “Heat In The Street”

MTV videos for “Rock And Roll Party” “Heat In The Street” and “I Think You’ll Remember Tonight”


Major Tours Starting From 1969
Most Current Tour 2012

Judas Priest, Motley Crue, Ozzy Osborne, The Who, Styx, Def Leppard, ZZ Top, Deep Purple, Quiet Riot, Aerosmith, Santana, Scorpions, Meatloaf, Ted Nugent, Bachman Turner Overdrive, Chuck Berry, The Animals, The Outlaws, Molly Hatchet, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Poison, And Others

Countries Toured: Germany, France, Belgium, Holland, Sweden, Finland, Ireland, U.S., Canada, Australia, Texas, Austria.


N.E.H. Studio utilizes Protools-12 controlled by a Slate dual Raven system. Equipment includes a custom Protools built i7 quad core PC. Large selection of Wave, all available Steven Slate plug ins, including FG-X, Trigger Platinum, VCC. Drumagog, with large drum library, 2 UAD cards, 8 sharc chips and 50 UAD plugins, including Neve, lexicon 224 and Oceanway room plugin. Komplete 11, and other assorted specialty plug ins including Antares products. Eleven Rack, Fractal Audio Axe FX 2 with controller and Kemper Profiler. Speakers include Alesis M1Actives, pre plastic Genelec 1030a’s, assorted Mics and outboard Preamps including Neve, Trident and special preamp for ribbon mics. 18 inputs mono or stereo inputs, 128 track outputs. Although not open to the public, access to the studio can be arranged under certain circumstances.

Founder of N.E.H. Records (www.nehrecords.com) is a music production house and import retailer. N.E.H. holds exclusive import contracts with several European labels and is the sole distributor of over 300 titles here in the U.S. with thousands of titles in the catalog.


Owner of N.E.H. Music Publishing (BMI), Frowning Monkey Music (BMI), Green Card Music (BMI), holding over 150 released songs)
Part Owner of Barth/Turner Artist Management. (managing and successfully shopping several artists since 1993 – 2000


Babyface / Babyface (ASI)
Axe /St (MCA)
Axe / Living On The Edge (MCA)
Axe/Offering (Atco/Atlantic)
Axe/Nemesis (Atco/Atlantic)
Bobby Barth / 2 Hearts 1 Beat (Atlantic)
Blackfoot / S.I.O.G.O. (Atlantic)
Blackfoot /Vertical Smiles (Atlantic)
The Runaways /The Runaways (Capital)
Angry Anderson / Blood From Stone) (Mushroom)
Nydia Caro / Hija De La Luna (Satelitte/Latin)
Series A / Computer Funk (Satelitte/Rap/Dance)
Stan Bush / Every Beat (LA/Intercord)
Cita/Relapse Of Reason(MTM/Zero Corp).
Cita/ Heat Of Emotion (MTM/Zero Corp).
Cita/ Live In Germany (MTM).
Cita/Goa One (MTM/ Zero Corp)
Cita/Goa Vox Dominatas (MTM/Toshiba)
Goa/Citadel (MTM/Toshiba/EMI)
Axe /Five (MTM/ Zero Corp)
Axe 20 Years From Home (MTM/Zero Corp)
Axe 20 Years #2 (MTM/ Zero Corp)
Axe/The Crown (MTM/Alalon)
Red R0ck Roosters (KDC Europe)
Wishdoctor S/T (NEH)
Jesse Bradman Not So Innocent (MTM)
Jaded Heart 4 (MTM)
Mike Mcpherson “Don’t Look Back” (NEH)
Day Brothers Day X Day (NEH)
Blister 66 / Middle American Tragedy (NEH/MTM)
UFO/Stranger in Town from the CD “The Visitor” SPV Records
Long Road from the Phillip Bardowell CD ( Frontiers Records)
Two Hearts On Fire on Stan Bushs CD Dream The Dream (Frontiers Records)
Blackfoot Live in Kentucky DVD and CD collection (Cleopatra Records) and dozens more.

Most Recent projects include:

Axeology, Axe collection including 36 songs, some never publicly heard. (Cleopatra Records)
Axe Live 2012 DVD and CD collection (NEH Records) filmed in Sweden with 6 HD cameras on the 34 anniversary of Axe founding.


National Ford Truck Spot – “We’re Proud”
National Mitsubishi – Company Promo
TBS – Sports Promo and Breakaways



Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitters Dead
Fern Gully
True Identity
Back Draft

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